May Institute: Computation and statistics for mass spectrometry and proteomics

May 1-12, 2017, Northeastern University, Boston MA
Organizers : Meena Choi and Olga Vitek



This course is designed for relatively experienced R users looking to take the next step, or for those moving to R from other programming languages. The course will cover the foundations of R, functional programming, object oriented programming, debugging and scalability. You’ll also learn how to make well-documented and well-tested R-packages, and how to develop interactive data analysis tools using Shiny.

Target audience

    Biologists, chemists, bioinformaticians, computer scientists, data scientists, statisticians, engineers, who are comfortable with basic data structures in R, and have previously written own R functions.


  • Keynote: JJ Allaire, Jan Vitek
  • Instructors: Kylie Bemis, Tsung-Heng Tsai