The Capstone Project will knit together many of the topics learned throughout the rest of the May Institute. The course will be based on the case study of the P100 assay, a foundational technology utilized by the Library of Integrated Network-based Cellular Signatures project (LINCS – We will peek under the hood of the assay, investigate the design, explore ways to interact with and analyze the data, consider primary data interpretation, and deeper analysis of a reduced data representation. The data are available for 1000s of conditions that have been already profiled (\PCCSEData).

Target audience

    Target audience are experimental and computational scientists with experience in proteomic experiments. Scientists without prior exposure to these data, but interested in expanding their expertise, are also welcome. Prerequisite for the course are ‘Targeted proteomics with Skyline’, ‘Beginner’s statistics with R’, ‘Statistics for quantitative mass spectrometry’ or ‘Visualization of biomolecular data in R’ (or an equivalent prior expertise).


  • Keynote: Ruedi Aebersold, Mike MacCoss, Jarrett Egertson, Olga Vitek
  • Instructors: Jake Jaffe, Mike MacCoss, Jarrett Egertson